About my blog: Shades of Gray is a collection of my thoughts and considerations on a variety of topics, from politics to sports to culture to people. In making this blog, I’m following the advice of a college professor who told me to write for at least a half-hour everyday, even if it was about nothing, just write and the topics will come to you! So here it is, my most recent step in the journey of becoming a professional writer. Please comment (respectfully), please critique (constructively) and please provide suggestions. And though I hope you enjoy, most importantly, keep the conversation going!

About me: A native of the small Northeast Kingdom town of Kirby, Vermont, I enjoyed a unique childhood in which I was taught to work hard, respect others, be open minded, and love life. I’ve always been opinionated and outspoken, and writing became a positive outlet for me at an early age. I had no doubts about my future path when I headed south to attend Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina. I knew I wanted to follow my writing dreams, so I did. I worked for my college’s newspaper, The Guilfordian, throughout my collegiate career, as a writer, Layout Editor, Sports Editor and web developer. I interned at Pace Communications working with AAA Traveler magazine and, most recently, have written for Sports Carolina Monthly magazine. Currently, I live in Boulder, Colorado, with my fiancee, Alexandra, and our dogs, Zoey and Atticus (yes, from To Kill a Mocking Bird). Both Alex and I are aspiring writers, and both plan on attending CU’s School of Journalism graduate program. We love the outdoor opportunities here in Boulder; we love to push each other intellectually, and I cannot imagine a happier life!